The benefits of the Iboga tree, the Tabernanthe Iboga, are known for its vast physical, psychological and spiritual healing properties. Iboga is also used as a rite of passage and introduction to the spirit world, it opens the third eye and awakens us to our true spiritual nature. It’s teachings are a path to love, peace, wisdom, compassion, honesty, respect, courage, patience, humility and many other wonderful gifts including health, wellbeing and a spiritual open path.


The Republic of Gabon
has declared
the sacred Iboga tree
as its
national treasure..,

and the tribal people of
the Bwiti respect the Spirit of Iboga as a wise and loving teacher.

Welcome to Bwitiful people...

The plant spirit of Iboga is here to bring consciousness and health to humanity.
And all begins with you!

We propose Iboga retreats in small groups by interweaving the Bwiti-Tradition with a profound program of body-mind awareness-, meditation-, breathing- and energy- work in a safe and supportive environment, but we will, however, endeavour to respect this tradition as much as possible.

All treatments and ceremonies are guided by Andrea and Dominique; both are initiated in the Bwiti tradition in Gabon.

They have a background in deep transformational shamanic work with African, Brazilian and Peruvian traditional healers for more than 10 years and guided hundreds of Iboga and Ayahuasca ceremonies by introducing and supporting over 1000 people on their healing journey.

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